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The Last House on the Left – Review

The Last House on the Left – Review

Dec 25, 2009

reviewed by Hallo

Directed by Wes Craven, 1972.


It had been several years since I first viewed Craven’s The Last House on the Left so I decided to give it another run since the remake was released in 2009.  The film is about 2 girls who set out to enjoy a rock concert only to be abducted by a group of sadistic prison escapees.  The girls experience rape, torture, and ultimately murder at the hands of the psychopaths, who constitute two main killers Krug and Weasel, a female accomplice Sadie, and Krug’s drugged out son Junior.  The killers then seek asylum at, of course, the house of the parents of one of the dead girls.  When the parents discover the truth about their guests, the movie turns to the darkest of revenge tales – parents seeking justice for their daughter.

Craven’s epic tale carries a legendary status that probably exceeds the movie’s actual contributions.  Nevertheless, we must remember that at the time of filming in 1972, chainsaws, disembowelment, and graphic rape were not the standard means of telling a horror story.  Thus, The Last House on the Left was one of the first to depict the horrific psychological imagery that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would make famous 2 years later.  Also interesting to note is Craven’s use of a dream sequence to build the tension of the parent’s certain revenge.  He would return to that concept in later years with a burnt face, knife-fingered monster named Freddie Kruger.

One of the areas of the film that I found to be annoying and somewhat confusing centers around the reaction of the two girls as they come to understand their predicament.  There hardly is any.  Perhaps Craven was going for the “in shock” value thereby lessening the terror of the girls, but you would have thought that they just got busted by their parents for staying out too late, not abducted by 4 strange looking people with knifes.  Even when one of the girls must watch the other being brutally raped, the reaction was just not believable.

That one minor point aside, The Last House on the Left is a pleasant reminder that the kind of horror which truly makes our hearts pound and eyes widen can be shot on grainy film in a documentary style shoot without the need for fancy, modern technology or an innovative lens.  The film should be watched with its history and time of shoot in mind, making this a great horror viewing experience that is recommended.

The Blackest Eyes – Welcome!

The Blackest Eyes – Welcome!

Dec 24, 2009

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The name of our site is taken from one of the greatest speeches in cinematic history, the attempt by Dr. Sam Loomis to convey the severity of the situation concerning Michael Myers to Sheriff Brackett.  Michael, of course, has “the blackest eyes. . .the devil’s eyes.”

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