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An Apologetic of Horror

An Apologetic of Horror

Jan 26, 2010

Brian Godawa, a Hollywood screenwriter and director, has written an “apologetic of horror” from a Christian perspective.  He makes a defense as to why the horror genre in general (not all horror movies per se) might have more to say about Christian faith than we would expect.  While many might feel the need to distance themselves from horror movies, which is understandable, Godawa convincingly argues that we find much of the Bible’s teaching through the medium of horror.  To summarize, he lists three ways in which horror movies point to the Christian faith:

1.  Horror can reinforce the doctrine of total depravity and the consequences of sin.
2.  Horror illustrates a 21st century emphasis on materialism and humanism.
3.  Horror can provide a prophetic social commentary on the sinful decay of civilization.

Read the article for yourself and also check out Godawa’s book “Hollywood World Views:  Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment.”

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