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George Romero Answers Questions

George Romero Answers Questions

May 30, 2010

Time Magazine features an article in their June 7, 2010 edition highlighting some answers horror legend George Romero offered to reader’s questions.  Below are some of the more interesting comments.

Romero admits to not having a racial “agenda” with his classic 1968 Night of the Living Dead.  He mentions that Duane Jones, the black lead actor, was much more aware of the social significance than was Romero.

Apparently Romero is not into the newer horror trends.  I can’t say I blame him on this one.  The “torture stuff” is not what he is interested in.

The Thing from Another World was the first film to really Scare Romero, but it was The Tales of Hoffman that made him to make movies.

Romero considers turning down the opportunity to direct Scream as his one career misstep.  Frankly, I’m glad he did.

Romero says that his zombies will never take over the world because he needs the humans, which are the ones that really annoy him.  The zombies are just mosquitoes.

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