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Friday the 13th Part 3 – Review

Friday the 13th Part 3 – Review

Jun 27, 2010

reviewed by hallo
directed by Steve Miner, 1982

This review is part of my ongoing Friday the 13th series.  You can read my reviews of the other films by clicking the “Friday the 13th Series” category link on the right hand side of your screen.

The last time we saw Jason Vorheers, he was in a big time fight with Paul and Ginny from part 2.  Friday the 13th Part 3 picks up closely after the events of part 2 and Jason steals some new clothes from a seriously run down shop and, of course, kills the shop owners.  He then makes his way to “Higgins Haven”, a lakefront property, to hide out in the barn and recover a bit from his romp in part 2.  Cue a van load of young people making their way to Higgins Haven in order to give Chris, the lead actress in the movie, a chance to confront the demons in her past, including being assaulted by a deformed person.  One of these future victims is named Shelly (Larry Zerner), an overweight and highly annoying guy who holds a special place in my heart for being one of the more memorable characters throughout the entire FTT series.   Shelly has a love for the grotesque and keeps scaring his friends by putting on masks and utilizing fake blood.  He also has a hockey mask that he uses at one point to scare the wits out of folks.  That hockey mask of Shelly’s will make Jason Vorhees one of the most recognizable monsters in horror history.

Attempting to elaborate on the plot is pretty pointless.  One by one, people start getting knocked off.  A group of bikers join the scene for a while also getting killed.  The various methods of murder include shooting a girl in the eye with a speargun, slicing a boy in half with a machete, electrocution by way of being thrown on a fuse box, and the squeezing of a guy’s head so hard that his eyes pop out.   The final confrontation ultimately comes down to Jason and Chris, who after taking his mask off reveals himself to be the one who had attacked her previously.  She ends up hanging Jason, but that of course is pointless.  Finally, after Jason is distracted, Chris puts a machete into his head, apparently killing Jason (and creating the famous cut in the hockey mask).

The movie ends with a nod to the original.  Chris gets in a boat and sets a drift in the lake, falling asleep.  When she awakes, she realizes she hasn’t gone very far and she is still near the dreaded barn where the carnage took place.  Jason is seen looking out the window and runs outside to get her.  At this point, in a complete rip off of the final scene in part 1, Mrs. Voorhees comes out of the lake and pulls Chris in.  Of course, it ends up being all a dream and Jason is finally seen in the barn, presumably dead.  Until part 4!

The film was released in 3-D, being the first Paramount Pictures 3-D release.  By this point, the series has established its formula of making sure a bunch of young people are at a secluded place so Jason can kill them.  Interestingly, from this point on, the series will build on people who have mental issues finding themselves at odds with Jason.  This movie is only notable for the introduction of Jason’s hockey mask and a few fun scenes.  Other than that, not too much here to hang your hat on.

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