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Body Count Podcast #1011

Body Count Podcast #1011

Aug 20, 2010

Are horror movies misogynistic?  Hallo, Melissa, Danny, and Skot discuss that and other issues in this thought-provoking episode of Body Count.


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  1. Always interesting guys.

    A couple of thoughts: one is related to the Entertainment article regarding lack of women’s power and the way they are treated in the industry. I think the author is talking about the entire industry not just who gets parts on the screen. I don’t think Sex and the City (for example) shows women have made great advances in the industry in the way the author was talking about.

    Secondly, arguing that something matches some level of reality doesn’t mean there can’t still be a problem (perhaps that means the movies aren’t worse than real life, but that is a different issue). Many of the same phrases people use to defend “reality” now (such as the Italian director’s comments you reference) are the same types of phrases used in the past to defend what we now agree are complete indefensible.

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