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Friday the 13th Part 6 – Review

Friday the 13th Part 6 – Review

Oct 1, 2010

reviewed by hallo
directed by Tom McLoughlin, 1986

I am determined to finish my Friday the 13th series before the end of the year, so I am keeping them coming at a faster rate.  To read my other series reviews, simply click on “Friday the 13th Series” on the categories at the right hand side of the screen.

Friday the 13th Part 6 – Jason Lives, is actually a pretty darn good horror flick.  There are two elements that clearly are emphasized in a greater capacity with part 6:  First, Jason is given his superhuman strength that is he is most known by today.  Second, comedy becomes an important part of the series.

The story continues to follow Tommy Jarvis, that beloved kid (played by Corey Feldman in part 4) who stabbed Jason about 3 million times.  Jason is currently in a mental institution and grown up, but he escapes (with a friend) to make sure Jason is really dead.  The only way to do that of course is to dig up his body.  Which they do.  Unfortunately, just as Tommy flips out and sticks a metal fence post into Jason’s heart, lighting strikes it and “energizes” Jason, giving him more strength than every.  Tommy’s friend meets a very ugly end and Tommy runs away.  Form there, the movie is about Tommy trying to convince the sheriff of “Forest Green”, which is the new name of Crystal Lake to try and avoid the association of the city name and Jason, that Jason is at large.  The sheriff thinks Tommy is the one doing the killing, so he locks him up.  Thankfully, the Sheriff’s daughter, Megan, knows Tommy is not the killer and lets him loose.  One by one folks start dying until Tommy lures Jason into the lake, throws a big chain net over him, and drowns him.  Of course, Jason is not really dead and just waiting for part 7.

This movie follows a similar path as Halloween, at least in the way that one character knows the carnage that is about to ensue while the others are in disbelief.  Tommy, similar to Dr. Loomis, is warning everyone he can come in contact with, especially the sheriff, about the destructive nature of Jason.  In this movie, Tommy is to blame for Jason’s rampage.  In Halloween, everyone blames Loomis for Myer’s escape.  Also, I like the way the filmmakers are at least trying to think through the series logically, changing the name to Forest Green is a nice touch and gives credence to the earlier films.  Some of the kill scenes are pretty gruesome, while others are just ridiculous.  Jason keeps finding longer and longer tools to impale people with.  We also see an increase in the comedic element with part 6.  McLoughlin admits to using comedy as a means to engage the viewer, doing things like following an American Express card down a watery path after Jason slaughters a victim.  For some, this a great addition while others hate the comedy.  I don’t a bit of laughter here and there, just so long as the film doesn’t completely turn on itself and makes the series its own satire.  I don’t think that happens here.

A review of part 6 would be incomplete without mentioning the great Alice Cooper soundtrack, including the title track “The Man Behind the Mask.”  If you have seen the movie, then right now you are humming “He’s Back!  He’s the man behind the mask and he’s out of control. . .”  So, if slasher flicks are your thing, then this is a pretty decent one and worth a look.

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