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Garfield’s Halloween Adventure – Review

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure – Review

Oct 24, 2010

reviewed by hallo

Every year at Halloween my DVD player becomes very familiar with three disks:  1. John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween.  2.  Disney’s animated the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (found in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad).  3.  Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.  The first is obvious, the second is a timeless classic, and the third is a true gem that sadly not too many folks know about.  So, here is a review that will hopefully rekindle some love for one of my favorites.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure is a half-hour animated television special that debuted on October 30th, 1985.  It was shown every year after that up until the year 2000.  The story follows the famous Garfield cat who is at first a bit annoyed at Binky the Clown, a show on television, for waking him up.  But after he learns that Binky has exciting news, that tonight is Halloween night and lots of candy is in store for trick-or-treaters, Garfield wakes up and sets out to find the right costume, along with his sidekick Odie.  They both end up going as pirates, much to the delight of Jon their owner.  After setting out for some candy, Garfield’s greed takes over and they decide to cross the river to get even more candy.  They unfortunately get caught up in the current, lose their oars (thanks to Odie taking Garfield’s “put out the oars matie” a bit too literally), and end up at a super creepy house where an old man is warming himself by a fire.  He tells them a story about a band of pirates that are returning to that very house on Halloween night to reclaim treasure they buried 100 years ago.  The old man knows the story because he was the pirate’s cabin boy.   Well, sure enough, the pirates come, but not before the old man steals Garfield’s boat and makes off down the river.  So, Garfield and Odie must deal with the ghost pirates.  Odie ends up saving Garfield and they make it back safely home.

There are way too many great things about Garfield’s Halloween Adventure to mention in this review.  Here are a few.  The songs are downright perfect.  “What Should I Be”, “Scardy Cat”, and “Over the Raging Sea We Go” are my favorites and I actually sing the latter all year long.  The sequences blend a perfect mix of humor and, at times, scares.  The skull on Garfield’s pirate hat changes expressions depending on what situation they are in.  The clock actually rings 12 times during the frantic music and craziness of Garfield and Odie trying to stop it from chiming.  But most importantly, the half-hour program gets forever etched into your soul as one of those beloved memories from yesteryear.  Watching it today makes me remember so many wonderful Halloween experiences as well as still appreciating the great cartoon that it is.

So, if you haven’t seen Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, and chances are you haven’t, then get it now!  You will absolutely fall in love.

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