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The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Review

Nov 12, 2010

reviewed by hallo

No, I am not going to review every single episode of the new The Walking Dead series on AMC.  But, I thought the first couple were fair game to provide my thoughts and commentary.  Here is a brief review of the second episode.

It was wonderful.  Perhaps even better than the first.  This was in part due to a brutally strong performance by Michael Rooker, perhaps the greatest character actor to ever live.  That name might not ring a bell to many of you, and yet all of you have seen him.  In episode 2, he plays Merle Dixon, a redneck tough guy who has a streak of white supremacy about him.  Rooker’s portrayal of Dixon served as a potent reminder that a world overrun by zombies is not enough to wipe away the inner human darkness in all of us.  At this point in the story, what are we most concerned with?  We find ourselves worried about the relationship between Rick-Shane-Lori.  We find ourselves disgusted by the racial insensitivity in the group, and yet rooting that the handcuffed Dixon makes it out alive.  We come alongside Rick with our compassion for Wade, the zombie who was cut up and used as rotting flesh to make their escape.  And in the back of our minds we are still concerned for the father and son who had lost their wife/mother and were struggling to survive emotionally and physically.  Oh, and somewhere in there is the worry of being eaten by zombies.  But in two episodes the story and the characters are so strong that the actual “eaten by zombie” issue is last on the list.  Truly incredible.

To highlight the point of human destructive issues and our unfortunate and incredible ability to “”eat” ourselves as humans, episode finds Rick and Glenn walking down the streets of Atlanta covered in zombie guts so that the real zombies could not smell them.  Unless you are radically incapable of recognizing sub-text in literature, the picture here is strikingly clear.  For a moment, Rick and Glenn blend in perfectly with the rest of the zombie world.  Again, The Walking Dead asks the question:  Who are the real zombies?

I am hard pressed to find a single fault in episode 2.  I am sure they are there and perhaps some of you can help me out.  All I know is this – I can’t wait till Sunday.

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