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Body Count Podcast #1101

Body Count Podcast #1101

Apr 1, 2011

Hallo, Melissa, and Danny discuss the sub-genre of “body horror” and how it relates to “torture porn.”



  1. With respect to zombie movies, can’t the “awareness”, “focus”, etc. come from the remaining individuals who can see what they might/will become rather than from the zombies that have actually fully changed?

  2. Hallo /

    I think so. Melissa, I think, made that point in the podcast concerning the focus turning to the remaining survivors after the transformation.

    I doubt that Romero would be willing to call his particular zombie movies “body horror” because the zombies for him are secondary. Based on our definition, and I think the generally understood definition, is that body horror is most concerned with the world of the personal victim and their metamorphosis. Romero is most concerned with social satire, communication, and the idiocy of human beings. The zombies simply help accentuate those themes.

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