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Body Count Podcast #1104

Body Count Podcast #1104

May 3, 2011

A really great podcast from Hallo, Danny, and Skot.  Topics include Joe Dante, Piranha 3DD, watching classics vs. contemporary films, and the Terminator series.  A must listen.



  1. Travis /

    Good stuff guys. One of you said something like this but the 2nd Terminator ruined the series and that movie is why the others have been garbage [edited by admin]. I know everyone loved it but watch the first one and then the second one and see how they turned it from one clear approach to a Hollywood money machine approach.

  2. Hallo /

    Thanks for listening Travis and for your input.

    btw, we do our best to keep this site free from any kind of offensive language, so your comment was lightly edited. Thanks!

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