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Danny’s Bio

Name: Danny Webb

Q:  What do you do when not reviewing horror movies?
A:  College Professor

Q:  What has historically been your favorite horror movie?
A:  Tough call on just one, but I’ll go with The Changeling

Q:  What is your favorite horror sub-genre?
A:  Currently, I’m a huge fan of over the top gore in both horror film and literature, but I bounce back and forth between that and supernatural horror (traditional ghost story stuff).

Q:  What is the worst horror movie ever made?
A:  Some low budget piece of crap is the answer here, but for mainstream movies, I’d go with Jeepers Creepers

Q:  What age did you start enjoying horror?
A:  I loved the Universal horror films from a young age–five or six years old. Seeing The Exorcist when I was nine cemented my love for the genre.

Q:  Who had the greatest influence on your love of horror movies?
A:  I really feel like I developed the love myself with little outside influence other than the filmmakers themselves.

Q:  Who is your favorite horror director?
A:  Wes Craven

Q:  What movie do you consider to be horror that is not typically labeled that way?
A:  Eraserhead

Q:  Remakes – Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, or Just Depends?
A:  Depends.  If the original really good, I’d rather not see a remake.  If the original is better in idea than execution, a remake can work.

Q:  Do 2 or 3 eggs make the perfect omelet?
A:  Duh. Three.