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Philip’s Bio

Name: Philip

Q: †What do you do when not reviewing horror movies?
A: †Baptist Pastor

Q: †What has historically been your favorite horror movie?
A: †Halloween (1978)

Q: †What is your favorite horror sub-genre?
A: †Slasher

Q: †What is the worst horror movie ever made?
A: †1998 Psycho remake

Q: †What age did you start enjoying horror?
A: †Around 8 years old

Q: †Who had the greatest influence on your love of horror movies?
A: †My mom and my sister.

Q: †Who is your favorite horror director?
A: †John Carpenter

Q: †What movie do you consider to be horror that is not typically labeled that way?
A: †2001:¬† A Space Odyssey

Q: †Remakes – Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, or Just Depends?
A: †Hate ‘Em, although I acknowledge a couple of decent ones (Dawn of the Dead).

Q: †Do 2 or 3 eggs make the perfect omelet?
A: †How do you make an omelet?